How to play blackjack and win, basic rules

Everyone knows about the opportunity to play casino online and the bonuses of SlotV Casino, but not everyone knows how to play blackjack at a casino and win money. Blackjack is a card game that is popular right after roulette. It is very simple and depends a lot on luck, but there are also some rules that allow you to approach the probability of success. They are described in more detail below.

Main rules

  1. Zero rule: Learn the rules carefully and understand them well, without which you will not be able to win.
  2. Before you start playing, you must develop a strategy that you will follow throughout the game. It is the right strategy that can help you win, because it is based on mathematics. Intuitive assumptions will not bring you victory, on the contrary, everything will be complicated.
  3. Analyze, not choose a place to play at random. This rule should be observed particularly carefully, because the probability of your success depends directly on the table and the company. When choosing a table, you should assess how often someone else interferes with the game, as well as how long breaks are held there. It is also worth paying attention directly to people. The assembled company should not cause you negative emotions. Moreover, never start playing together with those who are under drugs or intoxicated. Playing with such people will never end on a good note.
  4. Evaluate the dealer. It is worth sitting at a table where a professional and experienced card dealer works. Then the game will pass easily and quickly, which will increase your chances of success. This is true both for the game in real life, and when playing online. In the second case, you just need to assess the quality of the software instead of the real person.
  5. Do not use insurance. It increases your chances of success, but not in your case. Within you, it plays the role of an auxiliary, but very useless bet.
  6. Do not try to bet all the money you earn at once. Perhaps that’s one of the main rules when it comes to winning blackjack. Betting everything is a measure of non-rationalism, which will surely lead to the fact that you will lose all the money you earn. Place small bets and save some money for future bets. This will allow you to get regular winnings and will eliminate the situation where you lose to zero. An experienced player should not bet more than 5% of the recently won amount. Following this principle will lead to success.
  7. Recommendation only for real, not online games, but it is certainly worth considering. It is to give the dealer a tip. This simple gesture will not ruin you, but will make the game much better, because the dealer can make the atmosphere of the game more disposable, and give you useful tips. Experienced dealers can give really valuable tips that will bring you a few steps closer to achieving your desired result.
  8. Dare to stop. If you are one of those who have lost several times in a row, it is worth thinking about leaving. Either at all, or try to change the table, perhaps then fortune will return to you.

The principles of a successful strategy

  • Make sure you stop in time. Details about this point have already been given above.
  • Pay attention to the nuances of the game place. In different places, these nuances may differ from each other.
  • Remember that when you double up, you only get one card. As with insurance, this move is not something that increases the chance of winning for you. It’s not worth resorting to.
  • Split 7 and 8, it’s the most profitable.
  • Count the cards, it’ll help you figure out how best to play next.

All these rules you can try at Choose only the best online casinos to play, so you increase your chances of success.