Louis Vuitton Poker Set

The Louis Vuitton Poker Set includes a gold-toned President attache case, a full poker deck, embossed brass markers and dice. These poker accessories will make you the envy of your friends. The poker set is 49cm x 31cm x 6.8cm and makes an elegant gift for any poker lover. You’ll never forget the day you won a hand with this set!


The LV Monogram Poker Set is a stunning new collection, featuring a new poker case inspired by the classic President attache case. Featuring a monogram print on the front and gold-tone brass elements on the base, this poker set features leather handles, matching chips, and embossed brass markers. A poker table is not complete without a Louis Vuitton Monogram Poker Case.

The set comes with two poker tables, a deck of playing cards, brass paperweights, and a monogrammed zipped tote. The poker table is only available through Louis Vuitton’s website and costs around $24,000 AUD. The poker set features LV’s classic monogram and comes with a hefty price tag. However, it is well worth it for the luxurious set.

Full poker set

For poker enthusiasts, Louis Vuitton has released a new, ultra-boujee full poker set. This set comes with chips and cards and a leather carrying case with gold-tone brass hardware. The case itself is modeled after the company’s famous attache case, which is made of leather with LV’s signature monogram print. It also features a dedicated cutout for the cards and chips, as well as two brass paperweights.

To accompany the poker set, Louis Vuitton released a poker case in the same style as their famous “President” luggage. This sleek poker case is adorned with the LV monogram and features golden-metal brass fittings and interior leather lining. The poker set also includes brass paperweights and a matching deck of cards. Besides the leather case, the set comes with a brass paperweight and a set of chips and dice.

Brass paperweights

For a game of poker, Louis Vuitton has released a new collection of brass paperweights and a monogrammed chip set. The chip set is sold separately for around $100. The monogrammed chip set comes in a suitcase-style case with an embossed diamond LV monogram. The set comes with a full set of poker chips, a chip tray, and two brass paperweights.

The uber-stylish brass paperweight set, which includes chips and playing cards, is a US$24,000 investment. The set comes in an elegant canvas or EPI-leather case, modeled after the President attache case. The set also features brass paperweights, which are made to resemble the LV monogram. This brass paperweight set comes in black and brown variations, and is trimmed with a gold-toned leather trim.

Suitcase-style case

If you’re a fan of the prestigious French brand, the Louis Vuitton Poker Set is sure to delight you. The entire set includes branded cards, dice, chips, and even embossed brass paperweights. The set is so luxurious, Louis Vuitton even produces a matching leather Foosball table, complete with hand-painted players. The entire set costs more than $71,000, so you’d better be able to invest in an elegant poker table.

This stunning set comes complete with a leather-lined case that’s reminiscent of a suitcase. It features the famous Louis Vuitton Monogram base, a lock closure, and a leather handle. The cards, dice, and chips are all protected by embossed brass markers. If you’re interested in owning a Louis Vuitton poker set, you can purchase the matching Louis Vuitton poker set by visiting the brand’s official website or purchasing one from a select retailer.


There are many luxury items that you can buy, and the Louis Vuitton poker set is no exception. The collection includes LV-branded cards, chips, and dice, as well as embossed brass paperweights. A Louis Vuitton poker set can set you back about $24,000, which is significantly more expensive than the average set. Buying a Louis Vuitton poker set can be the perfect way to show off your style, but the price is not cheap.

In recent months, Louis Vuitton has released a $24,000 poker set in their Monogram style, which is modeled after a President’s attache case. The set comes complete with poker chips, cards, and a money clip. A Louis Vuitton poker set can set you back $24,000 USD, while a Fat Cat 11.5-gram Texas Hold’em clay poker chip set will cost less than half of that.