Slot Machine Myths

The game is the lot of gambling people. Like any gambling activity, the game is full of superstition and surrounded by myths. Slots were no exception, and with the growing popularity of slot machines in online casino, myths began to breed with no less speed. Let us approach all these ideas scientifically and in this vein consider the most tenacious errors.

Myth 1. The most popular and enduring myth. The results of the game in the game slots are programmed. There is a given cycle with which winnings fall out. This myth has a foundation only in the sense that the first, mechanical gaming slots had individual features that experienced players could notice and use in the game.

Fact. In fact, the result of each individual spin is independent of other results. In gaming slots, the player sees spinning reels on the screen, but actually plays with a random number generator. What is displayed on the screen is nothing more than ordinary animation. Numerous analyzes of the results of slots from various manufacturers confirm this.

Myth 2. Game slots are programmed so that winnings are distributed more or less evenly. That is, always after losing a big jackpot, small wins will drop out for a long time.

Fact. This opinion is also erroneous, since the results of the game obey the law of random numbers. It is quite possible (albeit incredibly rare) that two jackpots will fall in a row. At least the loss of several large wins in a row did not change the overall statistics of the results.

Myth 3. The staff of online casinos, interfering in the work of gaming slots, can influence the results of the game, especially for successful players. Thus, gaming slots can give fewer wins to a specific player so that he loses faster and loses the incentive to continue the game. In principle, this myth migrated from real gaming rooms, where it was not uncommon for administrators and staff to try to distract the player to whom the fortune smiled from the game.

Fact. One of the favorite myths of all players and it is completely justified, because it is based on the principle of “if I do not see, then I do not believe.” In fact, as a rule, the games themselves are stored on the servers of the manufacturer (developer) of the slot. The staff of the online casino does not have access to slots and cannot influence the course of the game. But even so, game software is constantly monitored and regularly tested by various independent auditors.

Myth 4. Game slots have different programs “demo version” and “game for money” for the same slot. It is understood that in the demo version it is easier to win – they are “lured”.

Fact. The programs of “demo version” and “game for money” are the same. This is a misleading impression, similar to casino rookie syndrome. Repeated tests of various platforms confirm the identity of the RNG of almost all manufacturers.

Myth 5. If a player has identified a certain pattern with which one or another gaming slots give the desired result, he will be able to beat the slot. The same myth can be attributed to “unique systems and strategies” that help beat slots. There are a lot of such “masterpieces” on the Internet, both free and sold for money.

Fact. You cannot apply any system or strategy to the gaming slots. The machine submits only to the random number generator. Of the slots only in video poker, it is possible to change the result using knowledge or special systems and strategies. All other slot machines give results absolutely randomly, so progression and doubling (like Martingale) can be the only strategy.
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