Texas Holdem Poker – Playing For a Living – What Are The Pros And Cons?

In this article I will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of playing poker for a living.

Are you really willing to play poker for a living?

Think about this for a minute.

They play a game of their income. It is certainly feasible, but actually watch the game is over.

How can you have if you had a great victory? Did you immediately jump to the problems? Have you invested your winnings? What have you done?

More importantly, how to deal with a great loss. If the collection of the 10 tournaments in a row do you mean? Did you increase or decrease in tents?

If you are not being honest about how you react to fluctuations up and down, then you are not willing to be a professional poker player.

If you play online poker professional, you can enjoy many benefits that you can not enjoy playing in a real casino, including:

Person at the table to try to intimidate

-No need to wait hours for a table. There is always a game ready open

-No gas, automotive, all costs associated with travel

-Tipping is for the retailer (which is huge!)

The take-home (rake) is significantly lower (more important)

So if you’re actually trying to make a living at poker, then you should consider a career in online poker.

I recommend you read lots of manuals, books, and even hire a coach or mentor before deciding to make the change.

Personally, I have to change two years ago after reaching a multi-table tournament cash and have not looked back. I’m at 20% of the annual income of my city and live comfortably.

I would be able to follow a series of 6 months + and losing is not my lifestyle a bit.

I’m not married, so that helps too

Until next time, Good luck at the tables!