What is Poker Bunny’s Real Name?

Are you wondering what poker bunny’s real name is? Well, the good news is that you have come to the right place. Here, you can learn all about the poker rabbit, as well as the person behind the voice! Check out the following article for more information. You will also learn who Julio is, as well as some of the other notable players in the Skillsrocks world. Listed below are some of them.


As a young man, Max Shapiro won a number of writing assignments. He was twice named Outstanding Young Man of the Year by his local Junior Chamber of Commerce. In the early 1980s, he was approached by poker legend Chip Johnson to write a column in the Players Panorama. While he initially tried to write about poker strategies, he soon realized that he liked to use wit to crack jokes.

Sam and Max grew up playing poker together, so it’s no surprise that they’d get along. In the first season, Max is the president of the United States, and he retains his presidency throughout the series. His bestselling periodical, Max Impeachment Weekly, is named after him. The “Moai Better Blues” episode spoofs Max’s transformation into a priest of the Sea Chimps. In “Ice Station Santa”, he accidentally embodies the evil Santa Claus after misinterpreting the character. However, he later becomes possessed by an evil demon.

Max’s voice actor

In Sam & Max Hit the Road, Nick Jameson provided the voice of Max. Later, Rob Tinkler voiced the character in the animated series. Andrew Chaikin provided the voice in Telltale’s first episode, but was replaced by William Kasten in the second episode. From Poker Night 2 onward, Dave Boat has provided the voice of Max. In the third game, James McCaffery acted as the model for the character.

During the animated series, Max had a short stint as a co-star with Sybil, who enjoyed seeing her merry ways. Outside of the TV show, Max calls Pennyworth “Mr. Featherly.” In the series, Max and Sam first met Stinky in Season 2, Ice Station Santa. Stinky was refusing to call them by their real names. At one point, the boys thought that Stinky killed Sam’s grandpa, but it was just a misunderstanding.

Skillsrocks player

The scandal that has engulfed the skillsrocks poker game is no joke. The player was banned by Hustler Casino Live after it was discovered that he was cheating in high-stakes no-limit hold’em games. In the ensuing investigation, the casino found out that Julio ‘Skillsrocks’ Cedillo had been peeking at his opponent’s hole cards. Interestingly, the video shows a close-up of a player’s hole cards.

Although the poker show was livestreamed, “Skillsrocks” was banned for good. It all started with a hand during Hustler Casino Live in Los Angeles. In this hand, Antonio raised $1,200 with the button and the “Skillsrocks” called from the small blind. He was then joined by Barry in the big blind. Both players were concerned that “Skillsrocks” was acting sketchily and that he was stealing from other players.